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Donate your clothing to support our school

By P.S.316.PTA on February 1, 2015 in Announcement, Donate, entertainment

We’re excited to announce our PTA has partnered with an organization called Schoola to help us raise funds from clothes you donate. It’s super easy:

1. visit

2. Hit the DONATE button on the bottom of the page & Schoola will send you a pre-paid bag

3. Fill the bag with cute clothing your child has outgrown and mail it back to Schoola

4. That’s it! Our school receives $2 for every $5 worth of clothing sold. You can also SHOP at Schoola to help us out.

See…easy peasy! This is what we call effortless fundraising. Chances are you’re already cleaning out your closets on a regular basis. As long as the clothing is not stained, faded, frayed, stretched or damaged then Schoola can advertise it on the website for others to buy. They do not accept clothes missing labels. They are looking for good quality, gently used clothing that’s desirable. Name brand clothing sells better than non-name brand clothing and results in more profit for our school.

If you aren’t interested in doing this on your own, please keep your clothes for our first in-school clothing donation drive. We’re hoping to do this in the Spring. Several of our Board Members have ordered bags. Let’s see how many people will order bags by the end of the week!